Call the Commercial Roofing Portland Experts and Protect Your Investment

Get the most from your commercial roofing!

Commercial Roofing Portland

Your home may be the biggest expenditure you ever make, it’s also a huge investment that is going to provide for you in your later years. To protect this investment, that roof on the house needs to be functioning properly. Storm damage and age can leave the roof venerable, with rain compromising the entire home if allowed to seep into the attic. Rather than deal with years of costly repairs, calling in the local commercial roofing Portland experts will save you time and money in the long run.

Consider these reasons to call the experts when your roof is in need of repair:

Why Hire Roof Replacement Specialists?

Roofing professionals understand all your belongings are at risk of damage if the roof is compromised. Storms could strike any time, and though looks fine to the naked eye from the road, damaged tar paper or missing shingles are allowing water to seep into the attic. Water could weaken wooden support beams and over time and only increase the repair costs over time. A roof replacement done after severe storm damage will ensure no damage occurs inside the home.

The Growth of Dangerous Black Mold

Roof repair may be the least of your worries if you wait too long to call in a specialist to make repairs. Each day rain can access the attic, the water drips to the lowest point, eventually reaching the point of saturation. Once that insulation has absorbed enough water, it seeps down the walls and into the sheet-rock. This may not happen overnight, but once water gets inside, the more likely black mold will develop.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Each day that passes with roof damage on the home means that treated air is escaping, and your HVAC system is working overtime to keep the house at that desired temperature. When you avoid calling in roofing experts to access any damage, you cause the HVAC system to age much faster, and eventually it will need to be repaired or replaced sooner than expected. Repairing and replacing the roof will extend the life of your HVAC system.

Huge Return on Investment

While you might be apprehensive to call and have the roof inspected, years of studies show you will benefit financially when you sell your home after a new roof has been installed. Last year, homeowners saw an average return on investment of 65-70% after they sold their homes with a new roof installed. Not only does the new roof dramatically increase the curb appeal, potential buyers are able to relax knowing they won’t have to worry about that roof for many years to come. Roofers can also install new gutters in your home.

When your home has suffered roof damage or is simply showing its age, call a roofing team expert today and they will carefully inspect the entire area and consult with you about an affordable solution. Stop worrying if your roof is going to be able to withstand the forces of Mother Nature, schedule a consultation today and leave the worry to professionals who will make short work of giving you back your peace of mind.