Questions to Asking at the Time of Hiring a Roofer

Ask these questions before you hire a roofer.

Roofing Vancouver WA

There is no doubt that a home’s roofing in Vancouver, WA is extremely important because of a number of reasons. It helps to protect the home inside from the elements of nature. But in the process, it has withstood the worst of heat, cold, rains, moisture, dust and pollution. Therefore the roofer has to be of the best quality. After a period of time, there will be a need to repair the same and this would call for hiring the right professionals. Whether it is the construction of the roof for the first time or for further repairs and renewals, here are a few important points that one should keep in mind. As a customer, you must know the kind of questions which you must ask before selecting the right service provider.

Do They Have A Local Company Office

It is quite possible that you could shortlist a roofing specialist using the reach of the internet. While there is nothing wrong in it, you must ask the right question and find out whether the company has a branch at the place where you are located. There is no point hiring a roofer who could be situated a few hundred miles away because of logistical and other reasons. In case of problems once the work is done, getting quality after-sales services from them could be a big challenge.

Do They Have Licenses And Are They Insured?

If you ask roofing experts, they will always suggest and recommend that you choose a service provider who has the required license and insurances. They should also be adequately bonded. This is important because it could go a long way in protecting your investment. When a roofing company has a license it goes to prove that it has the required know-how, technical competence and wherewithal to do a quality roofing job. Further, insurance also helps to protect the homeowner from damage which could occur because of injuries to workers. A bonded roofing company will be able to ensure that the customer’s investment on the bonding work stays protected should something go wrong.

Are They Ready To Provide Roofing Warranty?

Any good roofing company must be able to provide the right warranty and guarantee. Without this, you could find yourself taken for a ride as a customer should something go wrong. The type and period of warranty would vary from roofer to roofer. However, as a rule of the thumb, any quality roofing company should be ready to offer around ten to twelve years’ warranty for their roofing job. This basically covers the material and workmanship. Not all materials may be included in it because of obvious reasons. Downed trees are responsible for a lot of roof damage. If you need tree removal, make sure to do this first.

Will They Be Able To Provide References?

This is an important question which you must ask as a customer. Good roofing companies always come with a proven and time-tested track record. Hence, the onus lies on the customers to ask the service provider to give references of customers who they might have serviced over the past few years or months. This is a great way of getting to know more about the goodwill and reputation of roofing companies.


Apart from the above, you could also ask questions regarding pricing, the time required for completion, and also find out whether the work they do is in line with local building rules and regulations.