The Benefits of Granite Countertops

Trying to Choose a New Countertop in Portland?
Here at Intrepid Marble & Granite, we understand the litany of choices thrown at you during the design process for your kitchen project, whether it’s a remodel or new build. We aim to make this process as comfortable and stress-free as possible for our customers, so we’ve put together this guide to help you decide if granite is the best choice for you and your family.
Granite Countertops: A Beautiful Choice
Not only does granite look beautiful, but you have so many options when it comes to the color and style of a new granite countertop. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with granite countertops:
Granite countertops are designed with food safety and food handling in mind. Granite is a naturally low-porous material and typically sealed by the manufacturer, so it’s an excellent choice for your kitchen. No one wants to worry about bacterial growth in their kitchen, so choosing a GreenGuard- or National Sanitation Foundation-certified granite countertop alleviates that problem entirely. In addition to granite’s natural properties, our beautiful granite countertops available are easy to keep clean, ensuring a clean home for you and your loved ones.
Granite countertops can last a lifetime, and the likelihood that you’ll need repairs or resurfacing is minimal. The long life of granite countertops reduces waste. Additionally, granite doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.
Heat, Stain, Chemical, and Scratch Resistance
Granite countertops do not melt or blister when exposed to heat. They are one of the most heat-resistant countertops on the market. While we don’t recommend taking a hot pan right out of the oven and putting it directly on your granite countertop, it probably wouldn’t cause much damage if only left for a few seconds. Keep in mind that a hot pan or pot may cause your granite countertops to crack if you leave it too long.

If your granite countertops are appropriately treated (which they certainly will be when you purchase them from Intrepid Marble & Granite), they’re stain resistant. In fact, some darker granites are incredibly dense and don’t require much sealant. However, even lighter granites are stain-resistant with the proper seal.

Granite countertops are incredibly resistant to chemicals. Acids and bases don’t harm granite, though they may affect the countertop’s sealant over time.

Very few minerals are able to scratch granite, making it a perfect option for your kitchen in case of a wayward knife. While granite countertops are scratch-resistant, we still recommend that you use a cutting board.
Low Maintenance
Granite countertops are one of the lowest maintenance options for your new kitchen. Granite countertops don’t require frequent repair or resurfacing, and they’re easy to clean. If you do need to resurface your granite countertops (in a decade or so), it’s as simple as consulting with a professional such as our team here at Intrepid Marble & Granite.
Choices Galore!
When you choose granite, you choose a beautiful material with endless options as far as style, texture, and color go. This sort of variety may be overwhelming and it can be hard to get started. That’s why we hand-choose the perfect stone for you and your family after getting to know you and what you’re looking for. We take the time to understand your project and your style to help you navigate the seemingly endless granite countertop options.
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At Intrepid Marble & Granite, we know you’ll be pleased with your new granite countertops. With over twenty-five years of experience as a locally-owned and operated importer and distributor of high-quality natural stone tile and slabs, we can help you achieve your dream kitchen with gorgeous countertops. Visit our showroom to get a feel for our stunning selection of marble and granite slabs, along with numerous ceramic and porcelain tile options. Call today to get started!